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welcome to calum's rage against the machine shopping page


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Merchandise from Artist Direct:



RATM Accessories Pack
RATM Fist Textile Flag
RATM Sterling Silver Pendant
RATM Jumping Zack Poster
RATM Che Textile Flag
RATM Color Filled Keychain
RATM Rage Against The Machine Bass Tab
RATM Burning Monk Sticker
RATM Rage Against The Machine Guitar Tab
RATM Evil Empire Guitar Tab
RATM Porch Poster
RATM Evil Empire Bass Tab
RATM Accessories Pack #2
RATM-License Plate Frame
RATM Renegades Tee
Medium   $19.99
Large   $19.99
X-Large   $19.99
RATM Renegades Logo Tank Top
Small   $16.99
Large   $16.99
RATM Letter Logo Cap
RATM Cut & Sew Tee
Large   $19.99
X-Large   $19.99
RATM Rage Star Windbreaker
Large   $44.99
X-Large   $44.99
RATM Police Line Baseball Jersey
Large   $21.99
X-Large   $21.99
RATM Rage Star Dickies Workshirt
Large   $44.99
X-Large   $44.99
RATM Rise Tee
X-Large   $7.99
RATM Jumpin' Zack L/S Tee
Large   $24.99  $11.99
X-Large   $24.99  $11.99
RATM Battle Of Los Angeles Tee
X-Large   $9.99
RATM No Tank Tee
Large   $19.99
RATM Red Star Flexfit Cap